Fun, Laid-back Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

Planning your pre-wedding photoshoot is a fun and exciting process. You'll get to plan how you want to look for one of the most important days in your life, and you can also spend some time in front of the camera with your significant other!

But, just like planning any event, it's important to think about what props or locations would work best. Here are some fun, laid -back pre-wedding shoot ideas for a more warm and relaxed vibe.

Prepare an outdoor trip to a secluded area.

Make sure you choose a location that’s not too crowded. You don’t want to be competing for attention with other people and their cameras, after all. It also helps to have some privacy so that you can really get into character without worrying about being watched by strangers or having to get special permits for several photoshoot locations.

Engage in a casual sport.

If you both enjoy sports, make it your pre-wedding photoshoot theme and capture the energy of your relationship.

If you both enjoy playing tennis, go hit some balls! If you’re more into football, take the field. Even if you can’t stand each other when it comes to sports, there are still ways that you can incorporate them into your pre-wedding shoot by putting on a show for the camera—after all, it would be pretty unfortunate if all those hours spent training came to nothing.

Pretend like you're on your first date.

If you're going for a more romantic vibe, then take inspiration from a first date and try to pretend like you're on one. Have fun and be spontaneous as you playfully make each other laugh. Take some time to just enjoy your company without any distractions or pressure. You'll want this photo shoot to feel as natural as possible so that it feels like an extension of who you are at your core.

Spend a day in a flower field. 

Flowers are perfect photoshoot elements. It adds color for background, and instantly gives life to your photos. These are perfect for spring weddings, paired with flowy dresses and vibrant colors.

If a flower field is too far away, create your floral background instead! These faux floral wall backdrops will look perfect for your floral-themed shoot. 

Have one or two of your pets join in the shoot.

Your pet is as much a part of your life as your fiancé, and they deserve to be included in the pre-wedding shoot. Whether you're a dog-lover or a cat-lover or an owner of other furry friends, there's nothing better than having them by your side for these memorable moments.

Pets add so much life and personality to any home or apartment (or castle, if you're royalty), so why not include them on such an important day? Your pet may seem like just another animal (which they are), but they bring more than just companionship—they also provide comfort during stressful times when needed most!

These little guys/girls need someone else besides themselves too sometimes; let them join in on all this fun by letting them pose next to their owners!

Get inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows — make it your ultimate cosplay!

If you're into comic books, anime, or video games, consider taking inspiration from your favorite characters. You can also try to imagine a cosplay version of yourselves!

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie or TV show and taking pictures with other cosplayers at conventions (or any other event). In Japan it's called "cosplay" and in English-speaking countries it's known as "costuming." The goal is to look like the character you're trying to portray—it might mean wearing a wig that resembles their hair color or putting on makeup that simulates their skin tone. You may also want to get props related to the character or costume they wear in order to complete your cosplay look.

Don a pair of swimwear and jump into the pool.

A pair of swimwear and a pool are all that you need for this photoshoot idea. The couple can wear their swimwear, then jump into the pool as soon as they get there. This will be fun because they will not only have fun while having their photos taken but also while jumping in the pool itself.

Look casually elegant in a fun couple's attire.

Whether you're going for a super casual look or something more polished, denim-on-denim is a great way to make your outfit unique. You can play with color by adding in plaids and stripes—don't be afraid of mixing things up! If you want to keep it simple, pair your jeans with a tee or button down shirt. 

If you're feeling bolder, try wearing them over a dress or skirt. And don't forget about accessories like scarves and belts—they'll help bring out the best parts of your outfit while also adding some flair to the overall look.

Go for the wedding theme you have chosen for the big day.

When you are choosing a theme for your pre-wedding photoshoot, make sure it is appropriate for the big day. You don’t want to be wearing shorts and flip flops if you are getting married in winter or vice versa. The same goes for locations. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then maybe a beach shoot might not be ideal because there would be sand everywhere!

We hope these pre-wedding photoshoot ideas help you get inspired for your own shoot. Whether you want to be creative or play it safe, the important thing is that you have fun and enjoy this special time in your lives together!