Wedding Planning Services

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The most requested service by far is the one that takes you from "Where do I start?" to that most wonderful day of your life. Let's face it, if you have never planned a wedding no one can expect you to know where to jump in, no matter how many ideas you might have about what you want it to be like in the end. With a strong background in mathematics, the organizational side of our planners comes through fast. In a nutshell, this full planning service includes just about everything related to a wedding. A few of these things are:

  • Initial set-up conference. This usually takes between 4-6 hours. During this meeting we put together a detailed budget, ask each other many, many questions, and make a game plan so that my team and I can hit the ground running the next day. Vendors tend to get booked very early, especially if you are considering a wedding in late April through mid-June, or September through mid-November, so I like to get information to you - and schedule meetings and tastings - as soon as possible so you will be guaranteed the vendors that best suit your style and needs.
  • From here, we reach out to your best vendor options, negotiate contracts, and organize all bookings for you. All you have to do is give me a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. I am in constant contact, making sure that I give you the best of what you want, in order of importance to you - whether you want to find the best bang for your buck or the most unique attention to detail.
  • I follow up on all contracts, payments, and agreements, keep you on track, and keep things updated in your budget.
  • I do not limit my availability. Many times I will have a bride or mother text me in the middle of the night because they know chances are that I will be up and available, and probably working on their wedding. :)
  • Full planning also includes everything in the "Wrapping It Up" package mentioned below, and much more that would take quite a bit of time to review, which is one reason that a phone call is a good place to start. It is also preferable to chat on the phone first to make sure that we are a good match. The best advice in seeking a planner is to search for someone who you feel understands your goal and vision, and whose personality meshes well with your own. You will be spending a lot of time (or at least will be communicating often) with your planner. Make your decision wisely so you are sure to enjoy the process!

Do you just need someone to wrap things up in the end? We have a special day-of team that allows you to relax on your big day. Lisa and our partial planning teamwork as a team to help get you started in the right direction, no matter if you are starting from the beginning or have planned most of your event already. We make absolutely sure that you have thought of everything and checked everything off your list properly so that our team can come in at the end and execute all of your plans to a T.

  • Initial detailed meeting to make sure you have covered everything and that nothing has been left unplanned. This can take 4-6 hours because of all the details covered and questions that come up. We have never had this meeting where a bride has not said, "I haven't thought of that before!" This is crucial because if you don't think ahead about every detail, when we step back in toward the end of your planning process everything must have been be set up correctly in order to run smoothly.
  •  Creation of timelines, including for ceremony, reception, and family and wedding party. The third one will save your sanity when family and friends start asking the same questions as your big day draws near!
  •  Ceremony seating/standing chart for honored guests and wedding party. This will let everyone involved know where they will be standing or sitting at the ceremony, whether or not they are part of the processional.
  •  Reception floor plan. We use an architectural program to make sure that everything will fit as planned. Everything is color-coded so you can get a visual of how things will look on your big day and a feel for the flow of things. Upon approval and finalization, every relevant vendor whose email you have provided will receive a copy.
  •  At the rehearsal, our planner's job is to make sure that everyone knows exactly where to be and when to be there, where they stand, and what to expect the next day.
  •  We are usually the first ones to arrive on the day of your wedding, and the last ones to leave. Two planners will be in the background, doing everything that you don't want to do, and don't want to assign to a parent or member of your wedding party. This includes things like laying linens, lighting candles, making sure that your personal items are set up (toasting glasses, guest sign-in, favors, etc.), pinning flowers, signing for rentals, making sure that your gifts, bouquet, and top layer of cake get to the right person at the end of the night, and much, much more.
  •  Handling vendors is another important stress-reliever. Our goal at the wedding is to keep all vendor questions far away from the bride and groom. If there are any questions we will handle them according to what we have already discussed, and make any small emergency decisions, as well as distribute final payments if needed.
  •  The people most involved in the flow of your day will be your planner, DJ, and photographer. We make sure we have full and very clear communication as the wedding approaches, during set-up, and throughout the evening. A good DJ is crucial to the success of your event, and your pictures and videos are the only things you will always have to remember your wedding. As a group, your vendors want to make sure that we all do as much as possible to make things turn out perfectly for you. As your planner, we check on things like making sure the DJ does a sound check where toasts will be given, and discussing where the photographer will get the best lighting for the cake cutting.
  • The last thing you need to be worrying about on your wedding day is whether everyone else involved will do what they should be doing. Let the stress go so you can enjoy making beautiful memories.

Need some advice, direction, and planning advice forstart to finish but don'tneed someone at your actual event?

These meetings generally last 4-6 hours and cover everything wedding-related, including vendor recommendation, creating a budget, preparing you for what to expect with vendor contracts, design suggestions, logistics, creating timelines and floor plans, and other things that are crucial to a successful event.

This also includes a readily-available planner for any etiquette questions that pop up along the way up to your big day. After our consultation, you will walk away with all of the planning tools you will need for a DIY event, including floor plans, timelines, spreadsheets, and a good game plan.

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“Lisa and her team are FABULOUS! Booking them as the Wedding Planners for my daughter's wedding was THE BEST DECISION we made because they are full of knowledge and expertise about every detail. Book them first, because they can get discounts with other vendors, and the vendors they recommend are WONDERFUL....we saved a lot of money but did not compromise on quality.”
Review from Mother of the Bride, Fall 2017
“At all of the meetings Lisa, Nina, and Ande were extremely helpful, and were always responsive to any questions or concerns we had leading up to the wedding. On the actual wedding day everything went off without a hitch. Everyone was always where they needed to be, if any issues did come up we did not even know about it because Nina and Ande took care of it. Our wedding would not have been the same without their help!!!”
Review from Mother of the Bride, Fall 2017
“They were thoughtful, smart, helpful, etc! Everything you would want in a wedding planner!! I had the perfect wedding day because they handled all the little problems that come along on your big day. With their help my husband and I had the perfect wedding day. They are the best!”
Review from Mother of the Bride, Fall 2017