How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are a key feature for any wedding. Choosing the types of flowers is an exciting moment when decorating for a wedding. Flowers can truly set the scene at any wedding venue. For this reason, it’s important to put time into finding the right type of wedding flowers.

By discussing your options with a florist, you can be guided accordingly to make the right decision and achieve the perfect decoration look. Before you make any decisions, consider the following guidelines to make the best choice of wedding flowers:


1. Do Your Own Investigating Before Meeting a Florist 

Before going to meet a florist, it’s best to do some basic research get to know the best types off lowers for wedding centerpieces and bouquets. Take time to learn about the various types of flowers, their appearance, floral terms as well as the types of bouquets.

In addition, you can explore various types of arrangements based on your interests and preferences. By putting in a little effort you’ll not only have great new knowledge on flowers but will be able to get the exactly what you wished for at your wedding.


2. Choose the Right Wedding Florist 

If you and the wedding florist are on the same page, it’s for sure that you’ll be able to create the perfect flower arrangements. Before selecting a florist, determine which steps you want the florist to be involved in. Do you need to work with a florist who will guide the entire process or wish to work with one who will go by your specifications?

When looking for a florist, take time to look at their designs and see whether they match your preferences. It’s good to request to see a florist’s portfolio to gauge their skills and experience. Other effective ways of choosing a florist include recommendations from recently wed family members, colleagues, and friends. Also, you can refer to top wedding sites and resources that often have listings of top wedding florists.

3. Let Your Wedding Venue Inspire Your Flower Choice

The location of your wedding determines the types and flowers and arrangement you will have on your wedding day. For instance, garden, park, vineyard or botanical garden weddings require fewer flowers to achieve an excellent design. In addition, the venue setting also guides you on which types of wedding flowers are the most ideal. Factors such as table configuration i.e. whether you’re using a roundtable or farm long table determine the style and shape of your flowers and centerpieces.


4. Determine Your Wedding Flower Budget 

The type of wedding flowers you choose is based on the budget set aside. Various designs come at a different budget so take time to evaluate the kind of flowers that you want. This way you can verify the price to see whether it is within your budget.

 Luckily, there are so many ways to get creative when styling flowers. Don’t worry yourself about the money, you can make the most beautiful bridal bouquets with all types of flowers.

5. Consider Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme has a great influence on the type of flowers you choose for your big day. You shouldn't visit a florist without having an idea of what your bridesmaids, groomsmen and other key members of the bridal party are wearing. In addition, if your guest attire is in line with your wedding theme, this has to be taken into consideration when choosing wedding flowers.


6. Consider Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress determines the kind of bouquet that you will carry. Knowing which dress you will wear on your wedding day will simplify the process of choosing bridal flowers. At the end of the day, you wish to have a floral arrangement that is in sync with your wedding dress and the theme.

A wedding dress is considered to be the centerpiece of the day and therefore, wedding flowers and bridal bouquets are guided by it. When discussing with your florist, ensure let them know about the design of your wedding dress.


7. Find out the Best Wedding Flowers for the Seasons

It’s important to discuss with your florist about your wedding date and timelines. Some flowers may not be in season at the time of the wedding. With this information, the florist can make special arrangements to get the flowers or advise on possible great alternatives. Couples who get married in summer may not have the same choice of flowers as those who tie the knot in winter. If you need any flowers that might not be in season at the time your wedding, talk to your florist early.

Above are some of the key considerations about flowers that can help make your big day memorable.