Groomsmen Duties – The Ultimate Checklist

Whatever form your wedding party takes, whether it’s a little more modern, or something a little more classic, there are some key groomsmen duties and best man tasks that these lads traditionally fulfill.

So, what exactly do groomsmen do? Formally, a groomsman is one of the groom’s male attendants in a wedding ceremony.

Groomsmen are usually known for fulfilling certain duties. General ones include helping plan the bachelor party and standing alongside the groom. However, there are other duties that often times go unnoticed. For example, calming the groom down, RSVP-ing on time, helping with the hotel and travel reservations, and more.

The following is a wholesome groomsmen duties checklist.


Pre-Wedding Groomsmen Duties

·      Help in picking the ring. Go with the groom on the engagement ring hunt. Sure, the groom will have the say on the carat, clarity, color, and cut, but he'll need you for the moral support. If necessary, lend your opinion and offer comments that are helpful.

·      Understand you’re the pack’s leader. Keep the rest of the pack in line. Once your pal has the rest of his wedding line up filled out, round the team up for some bonding. It may sound treacherous, but it sure can be fun-filled.

·      Attend wedding-adjacent parties. Obviously, the main one is important but don’t miss attending the pre-wedding events either.

·      Help out with the guests. Sure, the bride's attentive pals and the roster of talented party planners will probably handle most of the guest’s questions. But, you may find yourself getting approached by some guests for directions. They may be looking for the registry or they may want some help regarding what time they should arrive.

·      Plan the bachelor party. This is arguably one of the best parts of being a groomsman. However, don’t gear up for a night reminiscent of The Hangover. Just make sure that whatever you plan for your friend is amazing.

·      Help with the travel and accommodations’ reservations. You don’t want a Bermuda/Bahamas mix up, so make sure everyone in the group is headed to the right place and arriving on time. This may mean devoting a little time to research on Expedia and Flight Center.


Wedding Day Groomsmen Responsibilities

·      Ensure both you and the groomsmen are ready. Ensure the groom is relaxed and has had something to eat. Do any last minute dashes for missing cufflinks, jocks, socks, etc. Also, ensure all the groomsmen are looking great prior to setting out.

·      Be prepared. Have an emergency kit nearby. The groom may desperately need a mint, one of the boys may pour some wine on his shirt or a button might go MIA from a suit – you just never know. Having supplies nearby will certainly help. Such supplies may include band-aids, floss, cologne, deodorant, socks, a sewing kit, Advil and Tide to Go.

·      Keep your eye on that clock. The groom has got to be at that altar on time. That is, before the bride.

·      Hold the rings. Wedding rings are key to the ceremony. Unless the maid of honor or a ring bearer has been entrusted with them, guard them as your life depends on them.  

·      Stand alongside the groom. Your job is to stand and offer support to your pal as he exchanges vows and rings.

·      Witness the signing of the marriage license. For the groom and bride to be recognized legally as man and wife, a few signatures are required. Yours is especially important.

·      Make a speech if requested to.

·      Help round guests up for the group photos.

·      If necessary, help clean up and take down the wedding.


Groomsmen duties at the Wedding Reception

·      Acquaint guests to one another. Interact with guests and make sure every person is enjoying themselves.

·      Dance your butt off. The bridesmaids and groomsmen are typically the first to dance.

·      Make sure your friend stays fueled. A hungry person isn't handsome. Bring some light snacks and drinks with you.

·      Give a memorable speech. Once the bride’s father is done giving his toast, it’s your turn to be in the spotlight. Aim for a memorable speech but make sure not to upstage the family.

·      Decorate the getaway vehicle. Gather other groomsmen and let your creative spirit shine.

·      Wrap things up. As everything draws to a close, ensure the newlyweds are sent off to their honeymoon or to the hotel. In addition, stick around to ensure the collection of gifts and verify that all vendors have received their payments.

·      Help drive out-of-town guests to the airport.

·      Return your tuxedo or suit rental to the store or designated person. If you forget to do this, late fees may apply as most rental companies require this be done after the event.


There you have it! The proven groomsmen duties checklist to help you master your role. With this, you can be sure of a mess-free day.