Tips on Throwing a Great Wedding After-Party

A wedding is one of the most beautiful experiences that can happen in a person’s life.

It brings joy, a sense of togetherness, and most importantly, symbolizes love. Such an exciting event deserves to last as long as possible. Hence the wedding after- party.

Why end your special day at the reception?

Your wedding after party can be as done-up or low-key as you want.

It can range from meeting up with everyone at a local bar after the wedding, to having a private room with décor, food and a DJ.

Here are some tips to help you throw the ultimate wedding after party.


1.  Choose a venue in advance.

Book a good spot in advance for the post-wedding party.

This will give you peace of mind so you won’t have to worry the day of if there will be enough room for you and your entourage.

In addition, you should consider choosing a venue that is close to your wedding reception to avoid anyone getting lost or stuck without a lift along the way from your wedding.


2.  Send invites to your desired guests.

Invite the people you would want to spend the fun night out with. You can do this by sending emails or direct messages to your close friends.

You can include your entire wedding party if you like. Just make sure you give them a heads up before the reception and that you reserve for the right amount of people at the after-party venue.


3.  Determine your guest list.

Are you looking to invite low-key loungers or the up all night partiers?

This will also help you determine your budget for the post-wedding party.

Moreover, it’ll help you know if the venue you chose can accommodate the guests.

4.  Decorate your venue.

You can glam your venue with colorful flowers or twinkling lights. You can purchase as much or as little as you want to decorate your space.

This should not stress you because you can always try to re-use party lights and décor from the reception. Just ask someone from your wedding party to lend a hand to get most of the night.


5.  Dress for the party.

Because the wedding celebration is really just getting started after you say “I do,”you might need another dress to keep the party going.

Both of you should put on clothes that will make you feel comfortable.

The bride is also recommended to bring an extra pair of flats or wedged shoes that will help her be able to dance the night away.

When it comes to the groom, he can keep his suit and simply remove his tie and change into comfier shoes too.


6.  Plan for the music.

What is a party without music? You can get the party going either yourself or by hiring a DJ.

If you decide to take the DIY route, then make sure your playlist is made in advanced. It’s a great way to save money and allows you control of your reception playlist.

If you decide to hire a DJ, then make sure you get the right one for the job by asking for references.


7.  Organize a group activity for the night.

Engage your guests in some fun party games. The games can be easy to prepare and will spice up the party.

Some of our favorite wedding after-party ideas include amusement parks, karaoke,moonlight bowling, pizza party, and bonfires.


8.  Get a photographer to capture the moments.

Pictures create the best memories to capture these moments.

You can hire a professional or just ask someone from your wedding party. Just make sure to get someone to be in charge of photography so you can sit back and enjoy the evening and the photos later.


9.  Arrange for the transportation.

Make sure to plan for a transportation system for you and your guests to get back to your hotel or homes.

You can hire a hotel shuttle since many hotels that host wedding parties offer shuttle and bus services to and from the occasion venue.

Alternatively,request for an uber or a cab. Thankfully, though, most guests will generally attend the night parties with their own vehicles.


10. Serve late night food.

After spending hours tearing up the dance floor, there is nothing that will make your guests happier than a tasty late-night snack.

Whether sweet or salty, your guests will flip over these late-night munchies.

Our top choices include quesadillas, coffee and donuts, grilled cheese and tomato soup dippers, chicken and waffle sliders, popcorn, and tacos.


11. Organize a treat for morning.

After a long night of dancing and having fun,most revealers will be hungry.

It is very crucial to send them home with some good breakfast.


12. Provide hang over kits.

A night of partying can be tiring.

Your guests will appreciate some relievers like little protein bars or even a bottle of water.

This shows you care and appreciate them for turning up and making your event a success.


13. Thanks, and Goodbye.

Give a short speech before leaving for the evening.

You can also show your appreciation for all the guests by sending them a thank you messages through emails or texts.



The main goal of a wedding is to be a celebration of love, surrounded by family and friends. Throwing a post-wedding party will help mark the ending of the occasion and the beginning of your new chapter with a bang!