7 Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

When planning your wedding, it’s only natural to be meticulous. Everything has to be done right. After all, it’s something that you plan on doing only once. And while it’s supposed to be your big day, you need to ensure that your family, friends, and other guest are happy too.

Wedding welcome bags are often a great way to create a cordial, happy, and pleasurable atmosphere among your guests. Besides, it’s a simple way of showing your appreciation. Most especially if you’re hosting guests from out of town or planning a destination wedding.

So, you are probably wondering what you should include in welcome bags for wedding guests. Here are a few ideas to get you started on what to put in your wedding welcome bags and how to make them fun and exciting.


Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas


1.   Get Creative With Packaging

Before your guests get the chance to take a peek inside the goodie bag, the packaging is the first thing they will see. To leave a lasting impression, its presentation needs to be stunning.

That’s why you need a bag that’s not only functional and versatile but also sturdy and big enough to hold all the wedding welcome bag content.

The bag's design needs to be in line with your wedding theme. This gives it a unified look and plus it helps play up your wedding theme.

If you want to gift your guests with something they can use after the wedding, go for a bag that is:

·     Strong and big enough to be used for other purposes

·     Without names or monograms on it

Side tip: Instead of totes, you can also use box containers. Why? Well, boxes are easy to move around, stack together, and always easy to keep clean and tidy. All you need to do is to ensure that they can comfortably hold all the items together.

2. Provide an Information Map

What’s an information map? Well, it’s an outline of everything your guests need to know about the wedding, the locations and things to do. Normally, weddings are never a one-day affair.

And if the event involves traveling to a new place, you need to ensure that your guests have a fun and adventurous stay. An information map should include things like:

·     Must-visit spots

·     Fun activities to do

·     Best restaurants for food lovers and bars/clubs for anyone looking to go out drink or party during their stay

·     The wedding schedule

Ensuring that each wedding gift bag has this guidebook makes it easy for your guests to get around town. Also, as a bonus, you can include a copy of the best local magazine in the welcome bag.

Additionally, if you want to make the info-map personal, you can recommend your favorite spots including restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, parks, and hangout areas.


3.   Tantalize Their Taste Buds

Weddings are meant to be sweet and joyous. That’s why you have to ensure that the wedding gift bag has a few items to please your guests’ sweet tooth. In most cases, a chocolate bar, gummies, candy, mints, or freshly baked cookies are always welcome.

Remember to go for all-around treats to ensure that none of your guests feel left out. You can also go for treats that match the occasion. For example, heart-shaped cookies to amplify the feel and mood of your wedding.

 4. Don’t Forget to Include a Bit of Yourself

What’s a wedding goodie bag without a personal touch? Your guests need to feel your presence in the gift bag. That’s why it’s always advisable to include a few of your favorite things.

So, whether it’s a stash of sweets, your favorite board game, or a mixed tape of your ideal playlist, it’s always thoughtful to include it. And it gets even better if it’s something that brings fun and laughable memories.

However, if not everyone shares these memories, a note explaining the items’ significance will be great. An example note would be, “We met during a board game contest, and it was in her that I met my match.”


5. Include a Drink or Two

Including a few beverages in your wedding welcome bags for hotel guests is a great way to keep them from raiding the mini-bar. It also gives you more room to better your guests’experience. To be on the safe side, ensure that the wedding welcome bag has at least a bottle of water, a non-alcoholic drink, and an alcoholic beverage.

The main reason why beverages are important is that they help to keep your guests in a celebratory mood. Water helps to keep your guests hydrated while sparing them the inconvenience of having to look for a gift shop or a glass of water.

6. Don’t Forget the Hangover Pack

A celebration is almost never complete without a few hangovers. Show your guests that you care by including a small but necessary hangover kit. The last thing you want is someone regretting that they over-celebrated your wedding.

So, what should you include in a hangover kit? Generally, these include some water, Alka-Seltzer, Advil, a Bloody Mary mix, and vitamin C are always the best items to help combat morning-after headaches. Someone somewhere will be grateful for this pack.


7. Give Thanks

The best part about wedding welcome bags is that they offer you an opportunity to thank your guests for coming. It’s always nice for them to know that their presence on your big day made the difference. A little appreciation never hurts, right? So, a great idea for your wedding gift bags is thank you notes.


These are just some of the many unique wedding welcome bag ideas. Remember, it is your big day, after all, so you should celebrate every possible element. Everything has to be just right.