What to Expect from Your Wedding Planner

You think you’ve found your wedding planner!

But… have you decided exactly what you need from them?

Wedding planners offer a variety of different packages from full-planning, to partial and day-of planning, as well as one off consultations.

All these packages offer different combination. Each will have their own list of duties for the wedding planner.

You might already know what you want from your planner in regard to wedding package. If you’re not sure you can talk through your needs with your wedding planner and they can help you choose the package and services that are perfect for you.


Full Wedding Planning Packages 

detailed package that organizes every detail from idea conception right up until the big day!

A full planning wedding package is the perfect thing to choose if you’re wanting somebody else to handle the plans from start to finish!


Timeline and Scheduling


One of the first things your planner will do with you is plan a detailed timeline from the first consultation right up until the exciting date! They’ll be making sure everything is done on time and on schedule so you can relax as the day approaches.



Whether you’re on a strict budget or are more flexible when it comes to payments, your wedding planner will work with your budget right from the very beginning: following up on contracts, payments, and agreements to keep you on track.


Venues and Vendors 

A huge perk of having a wedding planner is the knowledge and connections that comes with them!

Your planner can advise on venues and vendors, negotiating contracts, and organizing bookings from caterers  and photographers to DJs. They’ll know the best vendors to match your wedding vision and will likely even get you some discounts!



Sometimes you just don’t want to tell your mother-in-law that you hate her décor ideas and there’s absolutely no way they’re going to materialize.

No problem!

The wedding planner can tell her instead, in a tactful way that doesn’t catch you in the crossfire.


Wedding Design 

Are you the creative type?

If so, the planner can work with you to make your ideas come to life.

If not, don’t worry!

Once they know what ‘feel’ you’re going for with your wedding, the planner can organize everything from table accessories to overall colour palettes! 


Honeymoon Plans!



Many wedding planners go beyond the big day itself and will help you plan your honeymoon, too! 

From location suggestions to helping organizing travel, your wedding planner is likely to have inside knowledge about where you should go once you’re a newlywed so you have the most romantic getaway.


Day End Organization 

Who wants to be clearing up the venue and packing up wedding gifts at the end of the evening?

Not you, I'm guess!

Your wedding planner can be there until the end to ensure that everything is packed up properly and safely, ensuring that no presents get lost or that Grandpa isn’t locked inside the venue at the end of the night after he’s fallen asleep in the corner.

Don’t need somebody to organize every little thing?

No problem! Wedding planners are flexible and can tailor their services to exactly what you need.


Partial Wedding Packages

Also known as custom packages, these partial month-of or weekend-of package plans are created based on your planning needs. If you’re excited to do some of the planning yourself you can leave the boring stuff or the tiny details to your wedding planner!


Day-of Packages

Don’t worry, day-of packages aren’t just the wedding planner turning up on the day with no clue what’s going on. They’ll know exactly what needs to happen on the day when they arrive early in the morning; they’re there to ensure that everything, down to the tiniest detail, is running perfectly smoothly right until the end of the day.    


One-off Consultations

Sometimes you want to plan everything yourself!

You’re so excited to get stuck in and plan everything from venue to placemats and you don’t mind organizing all the details! If you need direction, many wedding planners offer single consultations lasting several hours to answer all the questions you have about planning your special day!


Being There for You



A wedding planner is often more than just a person who plans your wedding.

Have a burning question or worry about an aspect of your wedding that you need help with right away? 

Your wedding planner will be there for you. And, usually, they’ll get back to you quick as a flash! (Though we wouldn’t recommend calling them at 3am, they need sleep too!) 

Now that you know the benefits of working with a wedding planner, you'll need to know how to choose one.

Read our Top Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner Before Hiring Them article to help you find the right one!


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message!